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Lovers of streetwear for many years, we are a group of people who decided during the health crisis to create our own website to keep streetwear alive in the world.

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Our vision of Streetwear

We have seen the evolution of streetwear since the 80's and we want to participate in its evolution with you.
Streetwear must continue to evolve with society. For us, fashion is an eternal restart and its major actors evolve every year.
Having started in the American neighborhoods in the American popular circles, streetwear has been exported in the upper social circles little by little by the sport and by the fashion.
Today, streetwear has become a real movement in all social sectors of society.

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Where do our clothes come from?

Our clothes come from multiple suppliers around the world. We are very careful about the quality of what we add to our online store because we want to put quality before quantity. For us, customer satisfaction is more important than anything else.

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Where can you follow Urban Streetwear

We are present on social networks. Mainly Instagram and Pinterest. You can follow us at these links:

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