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      Streetwear Ring

      Like the necklace, the ring has been around for centuries and has always been a gift of choice to give to someone you love. More than that, the ring is also a symbol of union between two people. In the 80's and 90's, American rap music took over this jewel that had such a pure character. Rappers like Big Daddy Kane had their names engraved on rings they wore every day. Some very influential people in the streetwear world spend astronomical amounts of money on their jewelry and especially on their rings. Notably the American rapper Drake, known for his fortune in jewelry.

      Mens Streetwear Rings

      As time went by, men started wearing more and more rings. Whether it is a simple ring, a ring or a signet ring, streetwear has become a serious competitor to traditional jewelry. It is not uncommon today to see people with streetwear rings in the street. Men are nowadays big consumers of streetwear jewelry and jewelry in general.

      Best Streetwear Rings

      There are many different types of streetwear rings. We can first start with the various materials that make up these streetwear rings. Most rings are made of non-rare alloys (like zinc or steel), or resin, or even plastic for the cheaper ones. These rings are generally cheap and not much worked, except for the resin which is sometimes used in large scale jewelry projects for its ease of working and molding. Then there is stainless steel which has the particularity of not rusting, thus allowing the streetwear ring to last much longer than a simple zinc alloy ring. Then there are rarer materials that are more important in the public image such as silver, very often referred to as 925 sterling silver, which is the most common form of silver in jewelry. There is also gold, which is very well known in the streetwear world, thanks in part to rappers of all kinds who have worn very large gold rings during their careers. In some cases, some rings are also made from precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires or amethysts.

      How to wear Streetwear Rings?

      A streetwear ring has many ways to be worn. It is possible to wear a ring simply, without artifice around it, as well as to cover your hand with several rings to make it shine in the fashion of the 90s.

      Some rings are also much larger and cannot be worn with several other streetwear rings on the same hand.

      It also goes to the different types of rings that do not always match the same type of outfit.

      For example, the ring is very easy to wear as its sobriety allows it to go with more or less any outfit. As for the signet ring, it can't be worn with just anything. With its much larger and more imposing aspect, it often reveals a story or a facet of its wearer through the work of the jeweler who made it. The signet ring is therefore more difficult to wear than a normal streetwear ring, but can allow to highlight the hand of its wearer.

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