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      Since the early 90's, sneakers have become very popular in our daily lives. Originally a sport shoe, it is now worn by everyone and loved by the majority of fashion enthusiasts.

      Why are Streetwear Shoes so popular ?

      With its designs often very avangardist and very diversified, the streetwear shoe knew how to convince the population at a time when the sport was the center of all attention in the United States. At that time, it was very popular to wear basketball team jerseys or sweaters on a daily basis as sports were so popular with the American population.

      Many years later, this fashion became more and more exported and the youngest ones started to leave the city shoes to wear sports shoes in their daily life too. In the early 2000s, streetwear shoes were so popular that they became the emblem of a generation that no longer wanted to bend to social and societal codes.

      Today, there are no more social limits in the wearing of sneakers and the majority of the population wears streetwear shoes on a daily basis.

      What is Streetwear Shoes?

      Originally, the streetwear shoe was a shoe worn by athletes in the 80s and 90s. Most of today's streetwear giants made their mark in those days.

      In the 90's, the fashion was to wear sports equipment outside of this context. This gave a monstrous boost to the rise of streetwear in the world.

      The streetwear shoe is a real fracture in the world of fashion as it has upset the codes even today, being worn by the youngest as by the oldest. It has evolved after all these years to be today what it has become, a standard of urban fashion.

      Streetwear Sneakers in the society

      In our modern society, the popularity of streetwear has been proven. This fashion trend has become so popular that it has reached all trades and all social classes. Today there are many sneaker brands in our modern society, unlike 20 years ago. We can mention the very popular Nike, Adidas, Reebok or New Balance, but these brands are now very popular and suitable for everyone.

      There are now real elite brands in streetwear such as Supreme, Balenciaga, Yeezy and many other brands including Off-white. Streetwear is now so popular that many luxury brands are created around this universe and make it live. It is no longer possible to count on one's fingers the number of incredible collaborations between many streetwear brands and very famous and popular luxury brands in the fashion world such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Versace or Gucci.

      Streetwears have now left the street, the footsteps or basketball stadiums and the dusty shoe cabinets to join the shelves of the greatest collectors. Some streetwear purists don't agree with the current popularity of this fashion trend because of its origins but, without this, the majority of the population wouldn't wear urban shoes.

      How did Nike Streetwear Shoes changes the world of urban fashion?

      Nike is one of the many brands that participated in the democratization of streetwear shoes by many commercial attempts very risky that have now brought Nike to the forefront. Originally, Nike was not ahead of its time and was even rather late. The brand with the comma was still very recent while many other brands still today very known.

      Nike was the first brand to show the world that streetwear could leave the stadiums and gyms through sponsorships of college players such as Michael Jordan with whom it created the now very famous Air Jordan.

      This event was an unprecedented move in the history of fashion. An unknown brand spent a crazy amount of money to finance an unknown but very promising basketball player. This event changed the face of streetwear forever by transforming the simple sports shoe into a popular item that people wanted to wear everyday to represent their favorite basketball players.

      Only 1 game after Michael Jordan first wore the Air Jordan 1, these shoes were banned from professional basketball stadiums because of their unsuitable shape. This stunt didn't stop Nike from rebounding on the fact that their shoes were "too good" to be banned. This pair of shoes has also earned many problems to Michael Jordan thereafter.

      Following this previous success, Nike decided to continue sponsoring new players who were then much discussed for their behavior but who had an excellent level of play. Nike was finally established and ready to grow.

      Today, Nike has become the giant we know today with thousands of different pairs of streetwear shoes, allowing it to become one of the biggest sneaker brands in the world, equipping men and women around the world with ever more incredible shoes.

      Mens Streetwear Shoes

      Men are not spared by this egouement of streetwear in the world. There are many models of streetwear shoes for men, some being incredibly discussed at auctions like the Air Jordan Dior, or the Jordan 1 first of the name.

      There are so many different models of streetwear shoes that it is sometimes difficult to match them with a clothing style, so it is important to know how to wear them.

      It is very often easier to match sober shoes, with few colors with the rest of your outfit. For example, the very popular Air Force 95's are available in many colors, so it is easier to match them when they are in full black or white with a slight color hue like the Cashmere edition than the Nike Air Force 97 WS.

      Womens Streetwear Shoes

      Women are not spared by this global phenomenon either. Women are not spared by this planetary phenomenon either.

      Women having in general thinner legs and more harmonious lines than men, it is necessary to be relatively careful about the choice of streetwear shoes or sneakers adapted. Some very big sneakers like the very famous Balenciaga Triple S will not go with all outfits. However, they can perfectly go with some types of streetwear outfit allowing to highlight these very famous sneakers.

      Why are Custom Sneakers so popular?

      Since a few years, a worldwide movement appears little by little in the universe of the sneakers. It is the custom. Many people wish to customize their pairs of sneakers by professionals of the manual realization to have a pair "unique" and different from the other people.

      These customs are generally made on pairs of shoes at the base very sober and in very pale colors to allow the designer and illustrator to give free rein to his imagination. The pairs of sneakers as the Air Force 1 are thus very popular to make these custom sneakers.

      There are many, many custom artists in the streetwear world. Just like tattoo artists or any other form of modern art, shoe custom is divided into several styles of artists, each with their own specialties. Some artists excel in very realistic styles, others give free rein to their imaginations to create designs always for avant-garde and different.

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