Streetwear Sweater

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      52 products

      From its etymology "sweater", meaning "shirt to sweat", it is normal that the sweater is the center of attention of the streetwear trend.

      With its large print area, the sweater is the perfect garment to make large modern and hip hop prints on the back.

      Streetwear Sweater

      Streetwear is originally a fashion trend dating from the early 90s.

      Originally, it was very popular within the hip hop community and consisted of using sportswear such as jogging suits, sneakers and sports shoes on a daily basis.

      Gradually, brands such as Adidas, Nike and many others were able to establish themselves in the creation of shoes.

      Today, the sweater has evolved a lot. It has gone from a sports shirt to an essential piece in fashion.

      Very practical, it allows not to use a hoodie during a little colder period of the year while being able to keep warm.

      As it was said above, the sweater is also very practical by its size. It allows the most creative designers to create breathtaking designs on the back as well as on the front of this garment.

      Streetwear Sweatshirt

      The sweater is part of a wave of fashion where the street and sport was very prominent. In this period, the gyms became very popular and the culture of the body is very put forward, especially by popular people in the sphere of rap and street like Tupac.

      At this time, the sweater is also a mark of belonging to a sports team. In the American universities, each group belongs to a sports activity. The sweater has then found its initial function, to play sports.

      Unfortunately, the sweater has been on the decline since the hoodie became more popular. At that time, everyone wears sweaters or hoodies. This caused the most total indigestion from the streetwear community. At the beginning of the 2000s, the sweater then knows its disappearance. It became an inexpensive and unpopular garment to come back a little more than 15 years later when streetwear became popular with everyone.

      Men Streetwear Sweater

      Today, the sweater has evolved enormously. It is now very popular to wear sweaters in everyday life. There are many compelling streetwear outfits for men to wear "new generation" sweaters with very avant-garde and advanced designs.

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