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      Streetwear Pants

      We're going to talk about street's probably the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe. So we're going to jump right into it and talk about our favorite pants I love to wear. First of all, as I write this blog, spring is here. Warm weather is just around the corner, which means shabby denim is your best friend. It might be dark, lay-on denim, but that's okay. Distressed denim just adds a completely different look to your outfit: each worn area adds a little personality and a little edgy to your outfit. However, it's really trending since 2018, and even though I've seen people move away from this look, it's still interesting in my opinion. The most popular pair of distressed jeans is obviously the fear of god jeans. These distressed jeans were popular when they were first created in the fourth collection of Fear of God. They came out for $895 (bro, I don't pay for it). So you can find plenty of cheaper alternatives online for minimalist denim and many other products; these are just the most popular. Otherwise, you can come up with different types of distressed denim, and there are many different styles.

      Streetwear Sport Pants

      The next pair of pants you need are our "but Johnny I don't work out" "shut up and go to the gym" running pants all you see at the gym are sweatpants. Our pants are suitable for any type of runner. They are so simple and comfortable that you can wear them for any occasion compared to home, as long as they taper at the ankle. Otherwise, if these are your typical grey sweatpants, I'd stay away from these. Now, I really feel like these lace-up joggers are not your typical sweatpants.

      Denim Streetwear Pants

      The next pair of pants you need is, of course, black jeans; of course, this lost pair of versatile pants, black jeans, is very unisex and will suit any aesthetic and any outfit. Because you don't have to worry about color matching, you can focus on a monochromatic look, an all black look, or a contrasting look, I mean wearing all shades of dark gray or contrasting it with lighter colors like cream white or anything Other pastel colors. These are my favorite pants so far, so recently I had to stop wearing them because you guys squat so well in the front, and I had to stop wearing them completely because my men's pants were causing me to chafe my legs. You all know I don't walk much either, but so far I've finally found a pair of pants that doesn't give me chafing issues and fits your boys. I'm just playing man, my legs are still tiny, but I've added some muscle mass in that area, I'm pretty basic, we're past my old black pants.

      Streetwear Cargo Pants

      The next pair of pants I really like to rock is a pair of cargo street pants. I've made a video dedicated to this, but the reason I like it is because it has a very unique look. It's modernized into a super clean trend that I think everyone can get behind. There are many designs, functional straps, and even crazy prints and colors. You definitely don't want to miss out on this trending guy.

      Streetwear Shorts

      Is it too hot to wear street pants outside? We have the best summer shorts for a day at the beach, pool, during sports or on the city streets. When you're spending the day surfing, listening to hip-hop, relaxing by the sea, or basking in the sun at your hotel pool, you might want to wear a great pair of men's swim shorts. For sports like running or dancing, we recommend checking out Urban Classics, Soul Star, Royal Blue and Ecko.Streetwear Shorts. The upside is that shorts aren't limited to sportswear or swimwear. Just like jeans, we have a variety of different styles of clothing to choose from here. And for almost any type of event in your hometown. If you love classic baggy hip-hop pants, Townz Mens denim shorts should be the perfect addition to your urban wardrobe. Check out our great selection of streetwear shorts from our wide selection of urban brands and find a short you like that will look great on those days! If you're into sports, especially fitness, check out our striking royal blue 2-in-1 shorts.

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