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      Streetwear Necklace

      For centuries, a necklace has been a gift for someone you care about. The necklace has crossed time and has known many phases of fashion. It has not escaped the current popular streetwear.

      There are many types of streetwear collars. These necklaces are suitable for any type of person, any type of clothing style and any type of outfit. It can be very rewarding to wear the right necklace for the right occasion, the right necklace with the right outfit, the right necklace for the right person.

      Mens Streetwear Jewelry

      Men's streetwear necklaces are generally thicker than women's streetwear necklaces, they can be made in many ways but are generally much more "raw" than the ladies' streetwear necklaces. With much more "hardcore" and pronounced patterns, men's streetwear necklaces are usually made to be seen. Some necklaces have remained in this streetwear universe for years. For example, the Trasher necklace is known to all. This famous American magazine based on skate fans has transformed streetwear in its own way.

      Chains Streetwear

      The chain is a type of necklace very popular with men in its most pronounced versions. It also exists in a much more minimalist and sober form to allow its wearer to add a pendant.

      The chain has always been worn throughout modern history. It was very much in the forefront of American rap in the 80s and 90s with the big gold chains of rappers like Tupac, Ice Cube and many others. The latter is therefore from the main stream of streetwear, a stream in which the street and its style of dress has been drastically highlighted.

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